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Write Scene is a group writing website where you can collaborate with writers and editors from around the world and write cool, maybe even awesome, stories! You don't have to be a professional writer to create something great — all you need is an active imagination! You can have fun here in several ways:

  • Suggest a plot — Ever have a great idea for a short story or novel but know you'll never have time to write it? Post an outline on our Plot Suggestions page. If one of our writers likes your story, she'll write an opening scene and you can watch your story take shape! Suggest a plot or story idea
  • Start a New Story — You write the first scene: a few paragraphs, a page, or more. If our readers like it, we'll open a story board where you and others can add to it. Imagine the possibilities when creative minds from around the world contribute to your story! Start a new story now
  • Add to a Story — If your mind draws a blank when you search for story ideas, here's a way to break through writer's block. Fire up your keyboard and write the next scene of an existing story. Add a few paragraphs or an entire scene and get your creative juices flowing! Add to an existing story
  • Read, Enjoy and VOTE! — Write Scene is based on the premise of giving readers what they want to read, and that means we need your feedback! Even if you don't feel like writing, you can read and enjoy what others have written on Write Scene. Vote (and post comments!) to let our writers know what you like!

Aside from the fun of watching great stories come to life, or helping to write them, you will be able to learn from talented writers and editors. You can also earn Surf Rewards:

    • Share a great plot or story idea and earn 300 points if we publish

    it on our Awesome Plots board.

    • Start a new story and earn 500 points if our readers like it and we

    open a story board.

    • Add a scene to an existing story and earn 250 points if we include

    it in the final draft.

    • Earn bonus points awarded by our editors for a great plot twist or

    great writing.

Currently, Surf Rewards are good for bragging rights, but we may add cash prizes and other rewards in the future.   Subscribe to our newsletter   so you don't miss important announcements.

Feeling creative? Start a new story or suggest a plot right now!

Let's get this party started...you write the first scene!

Alicia in Zombieland

Suggested by Amber L (Satire/Dark Humor)

Editor: Not assigned

Written in 1865, Alice in Wonderland is one of the great classics of modern times. It's the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and into a fantasy world inhabited by quirky creatures. But how would the story have been written if the author lived in 2012 America and had to struggle with earning a living as a freelance writer? I'm glad you asked! Here's the storyline for the present-day version...

Alicia in Zombieland is the terrifying tale of a beautiful, 20-something model named Alicia Morales who jumps down a manhole into the underground sewers of Los Angeles to escape from cannibal zombies that used to be humans before eating fish contaminated with a deadly virus. The story opens with Alicia coming home from a photo shoot on a warm southern California night, never dreaming that the world as she knew it would cease to exist in a matter of hours.

Want to write the first scene? Yes, let's do it!

You decide what happens next!

When a story has at least 20 votes and a 3 rating, we'll create a story board.


Started by Susan Helton (Mystery)

Editor: Not assigned

The man was definitely dead. At least Alex Zamora assumed as much, since he had never heard of any man still living whose neck was at that angle. Even so, he knelt to check for a pulse. None, as expected.

He rose, brushing his fingers against his jeans, and backed away. Better call the station. Officer Cedro Davis was not going to like that Alex had stumbled across yet another dead body. He pulled a phone from his jacket pocket but something made him pause; something nagging in a corner of his thoughts. He looked back at the dead man, trying to figure out what bothered him, as if a dead man lying on the ground in the near darkness was not bad enough.

He crouched, straining to see in the dim light without moving closer to the body. He hadn't imagined it -- on the dead man's left hand, each finger from the last knuckle to the fingertip was green. And not just any green, but that particular shade of lime green that nearly glows. Why, Alex wondered, were the dead man's fingertips green?

A World Beyond Time

Started by Lisa Fleming (Science Fiction)

Editor: Not assigned

Sharin stood on the dimly lit veranda, her delicate features bathed in the irridescent glow of a blood-red moon drifting silently overhead. She felt alone, stranded on a dark, frigid planet inhabited by the Hunnan, a war-like race endowed with magical powers that made them even more frightening.

She missed Lucius. She had begged him not to go on the dangerous trek to the icy wastelands to the north, but he'd laughed off her concern, assuring her he would return within a fortnight. Now a month had passed without a word from Lucius. Every knock at the door sparked a sense of foreboding in Sharin, as she worried that the next visitor would bring news that Lucius had been killed by the outlanders.

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